Like having a magic wand for development help, just without the payroll.

With over 20 years of global industry-trusted excellence, Galaxy Weblinks has now brought their 100+ person team to your fingertips. 100+tech wizards With Galaxy Resources from Galaxy Web Links, getting help on any your software project is as simple as clicking on selecting the service you need the person you need, selecting adding enough hours to cover the task at hand, and sit back and watchwatching them amaze you with Galaxy’s 5-star service. Galaxy Resources enables you to get your tasks done by experts in their field working as a well oiled machine exactly what you need because you can get an hour or two of help, customize your own plan, or select a pre-established team. It’s like having a magic wand!

Your Developers

The happiest people in the business. When you go to the “customize your plan” page, you will see the various types of developers available to you. There are many categories from which to chose, based on your specific development needs. Select the developers that you like, and they will be added to your plan. Galaxy developers are accustomed to the Agile process. All Galaxy developers are among the best in their field and are professionally managed, but most importantly, they rate Galaxy as a 5-star place to work. Their happiness and positive energy flows directly into your work, which you and your customers will instantly notice.

Your Hours

Buy an hour, a month, or a whole team! If you choose a monthly plan, you will be eligible for discounts, and you never have to worry about overages or unused hours. If you go over your allotment, you can add more hours anytime with your discount in effect. Any unused hours will rollover into your next month’s allotment. You can store up hours for a big project, or freeze your plan any time. It’s your choice.

Your Overview

Transparency is one of the keys to gaining understanding. Of course we provide you with world-class developers and the best pricing, but Galaxy is different because our people are trained to completely understand your goals, and execute on them efficiently. As a client, we go one step further to give you complete transparency and control. The “Overview” section shows you how you are using your resources in terms of hours used and hours remaining per developer. However, the best part is the communications section. You can click on a developer to initiate or plan a Skype call, and you can watch the video feed of your team working in real time.